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Cutter & Threading Equipment

25mm 90 Degree HSS Co5 Bright Cross Hole Countersink


  • For countersinking and deburring in a wide range of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • The intersection of the hole and cone form the cutting edge on the tool. The cone is not truly symmetrical as it is essential that the cone retreats away from the cutting edge as the tool rotates. If this does not occur the cutting edge will lack clearance and rub rather than bite into the material. This clearance is referred to as cutting relief.
  • The radially relieved single cutting edge provide fast stock removal with low vibration for chatter- free operation ensuring the smoothest finish.
  • These tools are best used as deburring tools, where a burr, or sharp edge, from a previous machining operation needs to be removed for cosmetic and safety reasons, however they may be used in softer materials (such as wood or plastic) to create a countersunk hole for a screw.


Diameter (mm)
Capacity (mm)
10 - 23
Shank (mm)
Overall Length (mm)